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Catworks furniture is suitable for cats or other small domestic animals. Limited possibilities of the existing furniture accessories for pets, mainly cats, have offered space for a new furniture concept. Catworks furniture not only improves comfort of cats and other small pets but thanks to its design also compliments interiors and people living in them.


Each piece of Catworks furniture is meant to be used by one pet. In case of more pets in the household, we recommend to use more pieces of Catworks furniture.


The furniture is suitable for interior use only. It should not be used in the exterior nor to be exposes to various weather impacts such as rain, snow or direct sun. In the interior too, we recommend to place the furniture outside of a continuous direct sun.


Catworks furniture can be placed variably around the interior, laid on a side, leaned against another furniture or placed right next to a wall. Each type of Catworks furniture offers various possibilities and functional characteristics – resting areas, hideaways and scratchpads on the floor (The Alphabet collection) or in various heights (The Emmental collection). We recommend to combine furniture according to these characteristics and according to the needs of your cat/s.


Used normally, Catworks furniture has certain stability – this means it counts with average temperament of the pet. In case of more extreme exposure or more temperament pet, the furniture can move or fall on side. Consider this when deciding about the placement of Catworks furniture.


The furniture is produced out of polystyren, wood and wooden fibers. The scratchpad is made of natural sisal with latex base. The furniture is upholstered with durable, scratch-resistant synthetic fabric specially developed for cats.


The furniture is easy to maintain. We recommend to clean it with a wet cloth or hair brush used for cats. It is more effective than vacuum-cleaning. Do not use any cleaning products to clean the furniture. Dog-Hair-Brush The Emmental collection has removable covers. These can be easily changed and washed in the washing machine at low temperatures (30 Degrees Celsius).

Watch out

The furniture is to be used only by cats and other small pets. Therefore people should not sit on the furniture because the soft parts will get damaged. Do not place sharp or hot objects on the furniture. Do not manipulate with sharp objects near the furniture. Avoid contact with naked fire. Do not place lights or candles on the furniture. The furniture should not be placed in water or shower.

Waste disposal

The wooden parts of Catworks furniture can be disposed of by burning. The soft parts made of polystyrene can be recycled as regular plastic waste. Therefore place them into the recycling bins for plastic.